Pennsylvania MBA Lauder 合格体験記

留学先:ペンシルべニア (Wharton MBA / Lauder)

MBA/Lauder合格体験記 No.517

合格:Tuck (Round1), Wharton-Lauder program (Round2)
面接後不合格:Kellogg, Haas (Round1) Booth (Round2)

GMAT: 760

2018年1月:Round1で2校分出願(Wharton・Booth), Booth 面接
2018年2月:Wharton・Lauder program面接
2018年5月:Wharton-Lauder Programに入学

1. Overall experience
Looking back to the past year, I must say that I am an extremely fortunate to have many people supported me throughout the business school application process. I am especially grateful that I met Mr. Devalier who made me believe that I am good enough for the top schools and helped me get to where I am.
A Chinese friend from high school introduced me to Interface. I first talked to Mr. Devalier in early 2017, not for essay counseling but for career advices. I asked him about my next steps since I wasn’t quite happy with where I was at work since I wasn’t feeling challenged. He offered me very objective advices on switching jobs and but also presented Business school as one of the options to consider. After exploring the job market, I decided to go on the business school route in mid-June and signed the contract with Interface a few days before the deadline of “First round intensive course”.
I wasn’t sure where I could apply – I only had 2 years of experience when I started the preparation and everything looks out-of-reach. Mr. Devalier believed in me more than I did in myself. Eventually, his trust in me became a great source of motivation to continue my application process. I know he had a reputation of always looking for the sore spot of applicants and point out the problems in very straight forward way, so I prepared for all kinds of harsh comments. I received some of them as I expected, but what I did not expect was his natural warmth. He really could see my struggle balancing test preparation, work and essay writing, and was able to assure me when I was doubting myself. I also found his honest feedback extremely helpful and his communication style very efficient. He was not there to make me feel good, he was there to help me to be successful and he truly invested in my success. I really do not believe I can get thus far without him.
So thank you sir, for helping me out during some of the lowest time of my life.

2. Test Preparation
My advice on test preparation is simple: start early and plan well. I took my first GMAT test early in 2016 without much preparation, simply trying to get a feel of the test. However, when I tried to get a higher score in 2017, my work hours had changed drastically due to a new assignment. Although Mr. Devalier mentioned 710 is a score that I could use for application, I didn’t think the score aligns with my actual capabilities. Preparing for the test the 3rd time is brutal since I was staffed on a crazy project and I needed to write essays and study GMAT at the same time. I ended up having less than 3 hours of sleep per day on average for the few weeks before the test date. Putting myself in that situation is extremely stressful and I would suggest everyone to take each test seriously and plan far ahead of time.

3. Essay
Being fairly young and inexperienced has one advantage, which is having limited things to write about in the essays. It seemed like a negative thing but it really forced me to dig deeper into the limited stories I had to share. However, even if the leadership essay went fairly smooth, the school essays were a lot harder for me to write. Thanks to Mr. Devalier’s advice, I managed to reach out to a dozen of current students at my school targets before writing the essay and it really helped me getting a better understanding of each school. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t aware of how important these essays were until Mr. Devalier pointed out that my careless attitude can lead to serious consequence. So the suggestion here is to do the research early on during essay writing, and try to reach out to the students preferably before their spring semester ends or after the first few weeks of their summer internship.

4. Interview
I don’t have much to share on this since I got the greenlight to proceed with the interviews after 2 private sessions with Mr. Devalier – these sessions truly helped and I felt great about each of the interviews I had. I received an offer from one of the very best MBA schools in the world, and a second offer from the exceptionally competitive Lauder program, affording me breadth of learning in management and in diverse international studies. Considering my inexperience, I truly appreciate the consulting service I received from Interface. I know I could not have achieved my goal otherwise.

大学院留学 合格体験記
Pennsylvania WhartonMBA/Lauder(ウォートンMBA / Lauder Program) Class of 2020