MBA Seminar “First at the starting line”

MBAセミナー開催予告:“First at the starting line”
〜 Strategic seminar & Private consultation on MBA preparation 〜


さて、弊社インターフェイスでは、来る4月29、30、5月1日に、3日間集中の 『MBA Seminar “First at the starting line” ~ Strategic seminar & Private consultation on MBA preparation ~』を開催する予定でおりますことをご案内いたします。

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With the advent of a new season for MBA applicants, those applying for the entering class of 2012, many of my clients have been asking some fundamentally important strategic questions about the MBA application process, iBT and GMAT (or GRE) test-taking recommendations, and the approach to essay preparation and interview training.

Several have inquired whether I would host a strategic seminar related to the these topics during the Golden Week holidays, when they can take time off to attend such a course.

I am pleased to announce that Interface indeed will offer a strategic seminar on MBA preparation during Golden Week.

Dates: April 29, 30, & May 1  
Time: 14:00 to 18:00  
Total course fee: ¥ 115,500
Hours: 12 hours as a seminar group plus 2 hours of private consulting (face-to-face or by SKYPE)

This seminar will teach you how to strategically integrate the time you invest in iBT/GMAT or GRE test preparation, essay preparation and interview training, to maximize your chances of gaining admission to a leading MBA school.

You will learn:
• How to prepare for the iBT and utilize that time to also improve your skill-set in GMAT test-taking
• How to build an impressive resume to showcase your past experience
• How to acquire leadership experiences both at work and in your extracurricular activities
• The meaning and intention of MBA essay questions related to achievement or failure, particularly in regard to leadership and teamwork
• How to overcome comparatively weak grade point averages and test-scores

During the 2 hours of private consulting participants can choose among 3 options:
• Resume preparation
• Meyers-Briggs testing and interpretation (a licensed tool to develop self-awareness and personal characteristics important in teamwork and leadership applications)
• Development of personalized MBA application plan

All participants will receive a free signed copy of 『日本人のためのMBA エッセイ インタビューキャリア対策』第2版[ ウォーレン J. デバリエ (著) / (株)インターフェイス (訳) / 翔泳社刊 (2010/7/6) 価格:6,090円 (税込) / ISBN-13: 978-4798122663 ].This best-selling work is the industry standard for MBA aspirants working in Japan. When the first printing sold out, copies of the book were being sold used on Amazon JP for as much as ¥24,000.

The seminar will consist of a mix of lectures and group training exercises. It will be highly interactive in the style of the actual MBA learning environment.

Places are limited so that we encourage you to apply early. For further details, please contact our Japanese staff ( ).

All the best,
Warren J. Devalier
Seminar Leader