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One of our clients, soon to be headed to Kellogg in the entering class of 2011, wrote some insightful comments on our Home Page, which you will be interested in taking a look at in the testimonials corner or among topics. We post all the hottest news in the MBA world on our page so tune into it regularly. Check out the topics, blog articles, and my tweets to keep you abreast of global issues, MBA news, and articles to help you succeed in your MBA plans and leadership quest.

The greatest reward to us at Interface is to see the growth of our clients and to have played a role in the MBA consulting and professional coaching that helped them. We work as a close team at Interface, and I’m very proud to say that our Japanese staff are so highly educated and experienced that each of them qualifies as a professional consultant in this industry.

This April marked the 23rd year that I have been engaged in MBA consulting, as satisfying as any work that I have ever done in my career.

During those years I have been gratified and moved to see so many Interface ‘alums’ advance into senior leadership positions in their organizations and contribute to Japan, the country that is my home. Like them, you too will reap the rich harvest of the MBA or other graduate studies overseas to develop your leadership potential and serve Japan in its internationalization and continued competitiveness in global economy.

I relish the opportunity to incorporate coaching techniques and methods in MBA consulting. I was certified as a professional coach in the most rigorous and enriching program available, in a program at Columbia University sponsored by Columbia Business School and Teachers College. As part of those graduate studies, I proposed, developed, presented and defended a model geared to develop next generation global leadership through coaching, helping my clients to enhance skills in cross-cultural negotiation, critical reasoning, work-life balance, decisiveness, and time management.

As you embark upon the pursuit of MBA studies, count on Interface to consult and coach you through what will be the most challenging and value-laden experience most of you have faced to date. In coming weeks, I will be blogging several articles designed to assist you.

This will be my pleasure. Stay tuned.

All the best,

Warren J. Devalier

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