Connectivity in 14 beats

Museum of the American Indian

A sublime tone— writing song in a twitter jacket
delivered through cyberspace, pulsating rhythms of the cosmos
breathing like the ocean tides, unabashed, unadulterated;
An innocent jacket, pithy, pure,
bridging chasms of diffidence and fear in the global village,
bridging chasms worse still—of prejudice and enmity,
prejudice breaking soul community
breaking dance in the moment of a twitter rap,
vicarious, festive cyber-travel to Sao Paolo:
Where tweets reverberate on the soft sands of Praia do Encanto,
as the sand harpist pauses to savor a caipirinha;
memories of Foz de Iquaçu linger in the heart,
while twilight angels samba in the spring breeze
and succor the disquieted.

All the best,

Warren J. Devalier

©2011 Warren J. Devalier