Harvest Moon over Tokyo

inspiration for a haiku

Lucent sky rider~pregnant with the light of life~autumn gleam over Tokyo—9.12.11

A super hi-tech elevator in the Mori Building, Roppongi Hills, zips us 270 meters above sea level to the Tokyo City View (http://bit.ly/3K4IGO) on the 52nd floor. A very gracious PR officer, Ms. Uchida, of the Mori Group, escorts us up two flights of steel stairs to the Sky Deck open air observatory, Japan’s first, and we ascend to the floor of heaven.

panoramic view
panoramic view

It is September 12, the date of a harvest full moon, the air crystal-clean. I put on the press armband provided and mount my tripod directly in view of the Tokyo Tower, built in 1958 from recycled military tanks and slightly higher (13 meters) than the Eiffel Tower, which inspired its design. The moon will be fullest at 18:28, rising due east. We are cautioned to be aware of occasional strong winds but today the wind is slight at 10 km/hr. In the twilight I scan to the left to spot the Sky Tree, Japan’s tallest structure at 634 meters and opening next February.

in twilight

We feel the shock and awe of this magnificent view especially as the moon rises and the night lights turn on in Tokyo’s high-rise buildings, 45 of them higher than 180 meters. In the distance 4 or 5 planes can be seen preparing to land at Haneda Airport, and there is other movement along the skyline, yet time seems frozen. It is a moment not to chatter but rather to ponder the immense power of civilization in this sprawling megalopolis that humans built.

life glow

Far below, the glitter of auto traffic creates the illusion of streaming molten gold. There is shared inner peace up here, the feeling of oneness and unity of purpose. And in that feeling, no challenge, no barrier, seems insurmountable.

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Warren J. Devalier

©2011 Warren J. Devalier