Phantom of the Opera

Marc Chagall Paysage au Coq 1958

I am reminded of Marc Chagall not only because he is among my favorite artists but also because he painted the ceiling of the Opera House of Paris, about which Gaston Leroux wrote his novel and Andrew Lloyd Weber immortalized it in arguably the best musical ever (Evita would get my second vote).

I have seen Phantom many times in New York and watched the movie version, and it is always a fresh experience to listen to this music. This evening, my wife and I enjoyed the 25th anniversary production of the Phantom performed at the Royal Albert Hall. It was the movie production that we enjoyed in the comfort of the Toho Theaters in Roppongi Hills, in Premier seating, exquisite sound, comfy seats, complete with a glass of wine. For a movie, it can’t get any better.

The most delightful treat of this performance was the encore: teary-eyed, Andrew Lloyd Weber appears to give tribute to the Phantom, and Sarah Brightman from the original London cast sings “Phantom of the Opera.”  In addition four other “Phantoms” sing “The Music of the Night.”

It this performance does not leave you goose bumped, few, if any, musicals will.

©2011 Warren J. Devalier