Mystic Feeling

I love scuba diving.

There is something special about donning the gear to give you the ability to mimic, fleetingly, what aquatic life does naturally. And to ponder the mysteries of the sea, where life began. Viewing the speed and grace of awesomely beautiful fish, moving neutrally buoyant through a fantastic world, you are humbled in the presence of a majestic force.

It is as if you are gazing into celestial space upside-down, as if you can hear the universe breathing. Star-like urchins dot the seabed, their prickly armor enshrouding pristine delicacy. Quickly as you descend, colors of the rainbow peel off hue-by-hue. Looking down the wall of a seemingly fathomless reef, you peer into the void of darkness, in communion with nature and a primordial time. Sound plays tricks on your ears. You cherish the serenity of quiet mood. You are tempted to dive still deeper, narced on radiant spirit .

Over the years, I have been fortunate to have dived all over the world: the Cayman Islands, where I first strapped on a tank and mouthed a regulator; Cozumel, which recalls that fabulous movie, Night of the Iguana; the Maldives, tragically, inexorably, an archipelago sinking; Cebu, a magical island containing the oldest city in the Philippines; other dazzling sites of equal splendor.

Each trip brought its unique stories, gifted to me precious memories. Each trip always brought with it the camaraderie of meeting other divers impassioned by the oceans and their wondrous qualities, all of them friendly, and each bent on preserving this marvellous environment for progeny’s sake.

Warren J. Devalier
All the best,
©2013 Warren J. Devalier