Bee dance

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Bee dance

a bee dances on the cusp

of an orchid’s unbridled imagination,

along a brazened path that gives vent

to wildest dreams,

dreams high upon the wings

of an angel’s euphoria,

where graced by natural presence,

in high noon spellbound,

the bee entrusts its soul.

sustenance aplenty:

compass of heart

citadel of spirit

chalice of being;

amidst that persona

ambrosia, nectar, sugar,

a saviour’s redoubt,

tribute to all life

fluttering little bee,

nestling with its pink beauty

in the flower of life—

and on silken wings

pollination, honey sacs, awe

alighting spirit

in preordained design

in symbiotic embrace

in solaced destiny.

All the best,

Warren J. Devalier


Interface Inc.


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